Other Work

Although we are focused on Business Coaching, we do offer other practice areas in which we can provide a very high level of competence and results.

Strategy Development and Implementation

We are extremely effective at getting a group of senior managers in a room and coming out four or five working sessions later with a real consensus about what their business is about, where it is going, and a plan to move it to these objectives.

Strategy according to Peter Drucker

Implementing strategy is the hard work but the work that pays off. Our job is to focus you and the rest of the company on key initiatives and work towards them.

We know that good, repeated communications of objectives and progress towards them is key to success.

We also know how limited resources can be and how close attention to avoiding overload and burnout is also a key to success.

As part of the implementation, we work with you to develop sound team-based programs and the support structures to drive performance.

Lean Enterprise Implementation

– a path to high performance –

The lean enterprise, based on the five decades of work by Toyota and many others, is now widely used to create robust, high-performance organizations. If you believe that your business would benefit from:

  • faster cycle times and shorter lead times
  • improved sales and profits per employee
  • six sigma quality levels
  • faster product and service innovation and time to market

Lean enterprise principles and practices are key to reaching these objectives. Whether you are in manufacturing or services, repetitive, custom, job shop, or almost any environment including non-profit, lean enterprise is for you. We can help you.

Services Design and Optimization

– the moment of truth strategy –

We provide a powerful set of tools to analyze service production in order to develop a clear definition of all of the variables and how they interrelate in the moment of truth when your company is face-to-face with its customers.

Our Moment of Truth tools will help you develop a powerful service strategy that will lead to superior results and delighted customers.

This technology is useful in virtually any service environment, retail, business-to-business, face-to-face, over the telephone or via the web.

Building on research in the fields of service quality and service operations, we help you identify your Moments of Truth – these are the critical meetings, telephone conversations, email exchanges, any interchange with a customer in which a service act is performed.

How well prepared are your service operations to meet the challenge?

Do you have the processes in place to generate a high level of satisfaction as perceived and defined by the customer?

Six Criteria of Service Quality

  1. Professionalism and Skills
  2. Attitudes and Behavior
  3. Accessibility and Flexibility
  4. Reliability and Trustworthiness
  5. Recovery
  6. Reputation and Credibility

Value Stream Mapping and Moments of Truth Analysis

We work with you and your team to apply classical lean manufacturing value stream mapping techniques to your service operations. We combine this with our Moments of Truth Analysis to produce service operations that are not only faster and more efficient but also capable of delivering high-satisfaction services at the Moments of Truth with your customers.