Business Coaching – what to expect

So, what should I expect during a business coaching session?

business coaching - what is it about?A coaching session always starts with whatever is most pressing for you at the moment. “What’s going on today?”


Problems and Opportunities

We will explore these problems or opportunities. Lots of questions will be asked to work towards a complete understanding of what is at hand. After all, the most important step in any problem solving is to accurately define the problem. Then, you can move on to asking how to tackle the issues. At this point the conversation may turn back to high performance principles and practices that we have already talked about or, perhaps, something new will have to be introduced. Further questioning and discussion will develop a tactical list of actions to be taken.

You can expect that the coaching session will be challenging, stimulating, energizing, and supportive. Remember, my only concern is your success.

Keeping Long Term Goals in View

During coaching sessions we will regularly examine what your personal and organizational long-term strategies and objectives are. This provides  background that supports a continuing winnowing or issues so that we can focus your energies on the most important issues and opportunities. It is critical that we know that our work is moving you and your company towards long term objectives. Business coaching is about significant results on both the personal and company levels.

business coaching - spend more time working on your business instead of just in itAccountability – Getting Things Done

At some point during our conversation, we will review the results of the previous session’s tasks. What happened? Success? Obstacles? Do you need to re-calibrate? Change paths?

What’s Next?

Usually towards the end of a session you will state the one or two tasks that you will undertake over the next week or so that will respond to the issues discussed. We always check in to be sure that these tasks are clearly defined, measurable results have been determined (how do we know what success looks like?), and a deadline is set.