You Can Learn to Be a More Effective Manager

You can learn to be a more effective manager

Can You Learn To Be A More Effective Manager?

There are many who think that being an effective manager is a set of skills one is born with. Great managers are seen by this view as near super-heroes. Learning to be an effective manager is not possible. And, much confusion is sown by debates of “leaders” versus “managers”.

Much is known about what characterizes effective managers.

The practical principles and practices are quite clearly understood and defined.  This might seem to be a bold claim, but we make it because we are practicing it. You can read more about this on the “Management Principles & Practices” page.

Learning to be a manager is not a simple task.

Management is a complex and demanding endeavor. Nevertheless, as you will learn, the basic principles are simple conceptually, though requiring great persistence and much practice to master.

Our Approach to Learning

Our approach to becoming a more effective manager uses a learn-by-doing approach with “just-in-time” coaching to give you the basics and keep you on track. You will be highly motivated throughout because the tasks are not homework exercises. You will be learning as you tackle the most compelling issues facing you and your business.

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