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Delegation, Outsourcing, and Keeping a Focus on Strategy and Strength

– Outsourcing – not a strategy that is as simple as a make or buy decision

Three Counter-Intuitive Steps to Becoming a More Effective Manager

– Getting Things Done by David Allen – a revisit

– What If Agreements – get them in place now, before a what if occurs

Early Intervention is Key to Employee Success

– How to Hire a Part-Time  CFO

– 7 Reasons to Add a CFO to Your Business Team

Price Is Only an Issue in the Absence of Value

Hiding innovations from Customers

Multitasking, Too Much Information, Interruptions and High Performance

– Why Should You Develop a Business Plan for a Going Concern, How to Do It, and How Do You Convert the Plan Into Action?

Don’t Bad Mouth The Competition – the old maxim is still true

Managing for Weakness – a mis-management myth

Seize Your Time – gaining control over Too Much Information

It’s Always Your Fault – taking responsibility for personnel

Seize Your Time: the breakthrough first step in time management

Managers: Don’t Answer That Question

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