Who Says Content Is Not Still King on the Web?1 min read

“Content is King!”

This phrase, now seemingly completely worn out in the ever newer world of Web 2.0 going on Web X.0, is really still true. Now, in the world of increasingly flashy Web production values, it is time to resurrect this slogan and put it into action in your business. This is especially important for small business people who cannot afford the “finer things” on the Web. Time to take a look again at your value to your customer niche and bring back content, real, genuine, authentic in all its quirkiness, your content.

Jessica Beinecke - OMG!Here is an example of a young woman, Jessica Beinecke,  teaching idiomatic English to learners of English in China. She is now reaching millions of people. And, she is doing this with no other production equipment than a laptop computer and some lights.

Why is she so successful? Watch.

‘OMG!’ Exports American Slang to China – from The News Hour – Friday 02/10/2012

and here is her lesson for Valentine’s Day.