Podcast – Delegation (Outsourcing) and Keeping a Focus on Strategy and Results

Delegation and Outsourcing Share a Common Management Focus on What Needs To be Done, What Are the Results Required, and When?


Podcast: Outsourcing – not a strategy that is as simple as a make or buy decision

Outsourcing is sometimes seen as a panacea, especially for startups. However, a sound knowledge of  business practices is required to make outsourcing really work.


Podcast – Three Counter-Intuitive Steps to Becoming a More Effective Manager

Be a More Effective Manager – stop answering those questions, seize your time, and it’s your fault


Podcast – Increase Your Value Through Customer Perception in Professional Services

Increase customer perceived value by managing expectations, making services visible, and following up.


This podcast is 12 minutes 41 seconds long.

A text version is available here