Results Focus

Our coaching always relates to strategies and tasks that produce better results. We measure our work with clients based on these results. Clients keep working with us because of their results.

Business coaching results come in FOUR areas:


This means revenue, profits, and number of customers. For managers of internal departments or functions this means internal budget results and internal customer satisfaction.

It is a regular practice to spend time on a monthly or quarterly basis reviewing the financial results. This provides us with the metrics to judge the success of the work we are doing together. Clients always find that they can point to results on the top or bottom line that is clearly connected to our work together.



Building solid company ethical values is critical to success. Good values sustain the high performance organization. Good values flow directly from management. Managers must embody and model good values.

Customers buy from you because they receive the value they need. Your products and services consistently meet their requirements and frequently exceed them. You seek out customer input and feedback so that your company will continuously improve your abilities to deliver value to customers.


Hiring, selecting, training, and pruning human resources is another critical success factor. High performance managers spend a significant portion of their time assuring that the right people are in place and that those people are empowered, engaged, and accountable.

Personal Skills

It is a proven fact about organizations that people pay attention to what leaders do and do not do. They emulate the strategies and behaviors of their leaders. We firmly believe that learning high-performance management principles and practices makes for a high-performance organization. A wonderful side benefit is that this leads to personal results for the leader that include much leas tension, much more time spent doing things they are good at and better personal results, a higher level of personal performance.