Is Your Business Website Missing the Boat on Smartphones?

Even a casual survey of small business websites reveals the painful fact that many, if not most, are still not mobile friendly. Websites appear that require extensive finger gymnastics to uncover basic information, where is the business located, what are its hours, what kind of services does it offer. Continue reading

Is Your Company Visible on Smartphones?

The adoption of smartphones by your customers and prospects is not to be ignored. A recent New York Times article points out that in the US age group below 44 years old 43% are now smartphone users. Other research shows that for an increasing portion of the population the main device for accessing the Web is a smartphone.

Whether you are simply maintaining your website as a flag on the Web or have much more extensive functionalities,  a website that responds to mobile devices is critical to your success. If your company’s website is not readily accessible and easily read on a smartphone you are fast coming to have no presence on the Web.

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